About Us

Cabele Nourishing Hair Oil was created after my first daughter was born. I suffered from postpartum shedding around my edges. After trying just about everything on the store shelves, I finally created my perfect concoction, my nourishing hair oil, resulting in an abundance of benefits. My hair oil, along with the use of a scalp massager and roller, brought my hair back to life! I also began using it in my then infant daughter’s hair. People then started asking, “What do you put in her hair?” and “What do you put in your hair?”. Now with two daughters, myself, and countless friends and family reaping the benefits of my hair oil, I’ve decided to share it with all of you!

Cabele Nourishing Hair Oil can be used in so many ways - as a deep conditioner, pre-shampoo treatment, shine booster, styling aid, and protective style maintainer. It helps with retaining length and strength, treating split ends, avoiding frizz and relieving dry scalp. I even apply it to my dry skin in the winter months to help with my eczema. The benefits are endless!

I hope you enjoy my Cabele Nourishing Hair Oil, handmade with ❤️.

Love, Sandra xo

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